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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Man Allegedly Steals Security Camera So Grandma Won’t See Him Masturbate

It was a stroke of bad luck.

A burglary suspect in West Virginia has a bizarre rationale behind allegedly stealing a home?s security cameras: He didn?t want his grandma to see him masturbating.

Tristan Tucker of St. Albans was charged with daytime burglary last Thursday for a crime reported on April 23 to the Dunbar Police Dept.

Tucker?s grandmother accused him of repeatedly breaking into her house through a window and disarming security cameras and DVR system, according to

When police questioned the 27-year-old suspect, he allegedly confessed to the break-ins and gave an odd explanation as to why. Police said Tucker told them he originally broke into Grandma?s house through a window so he could charge his cell phone.

As the phone was charging, Tucker said he started watching porn on it and that led him to masturbate, according to WLOS TV.

That?s when Tucker found himself in a sticky situation. He didn?t want his grandmother to see him masturbating in her home so he allegedly stole ?the security cameras and the DVR box,? according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Tucker then said he stomped on the cameras before throwing them away in the river.

But here?s the rub. Tucker didn?t destroy the DVR. He allegedly just hid it somewhere on his grandma?s property.

Authorities found it and were able to view footage of their touchy suspect illegally breaking into his grandmother?s house on numerous occasions.

The criminal complaint did not note whether or not the footage showed Tucker pleasuring himself.

He remains behind bars at a local jail on $10,000 bond.

No word on whether he sent his grandmother a Mother?s Day card.

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Reese Witherspoon’s 4-Year-Old Is On To Her Wine Habits

It?s no secret that many moms are big fans of wine. And clearly Reese Witherspoon fits this mold.

Appearing on ?The Ellen DeGeneres Show? on Wednesday, the actress shared a funny anecdote about her Mother?s Day gift from her kids. Witherspoon has a 17-year-old daughter named Ava and two sons, 13-year-old and 4-year-old Tennessee.

The kids gave their mom a cute photo of themselves for Mother?s Day. Apparently when Ava asked Tennessee where he thought they should pose for the photo, he suggested they take it by the bar ?because Mom likes wine.?

?It?s good to know that the 4-year-old knows that his mom likes wine,? Witherspoon said. ?Mothering, am I right??

During the interview, DeGeneres presented her famous guest with a fidget spinner, which was very familiar to the mom.

?My son has one of these,? Witherspoon said. ?If you bring this to the dinner table, this is a magical thing. It?s mesmerizing.?

The actress also spoke about being an embarrassing mom. 

?All I do is embarrass my kids,? she said, adding that this is especially true when she tries to do trendy dance movies like the dab and ?hit dem folks.? 

Watch the full clip above for more of Reese Witherspoon?s funny anecdotes and an appearance from her hilarious mom, Betty.

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Bill O’Reilly Lands New Gig On Glenn Beck’s Radio Show

It didn?t take long for embattled former Fox News anchor Bill O?Reilly to find new work. He?ll be a weekly commentator on Glenn Beck?s radio show on TheBlaze?s radio network, a conservative news platform.

O?Reilly made the announcement Monday on his ?No Spin News? podcast. He said he?ll be on TheBlaze ?every Friday until Beck gets tired of me.?

?It?s a good outlet for me to, you know, discuss things back and forth with Beck, who?s a good friend,? O?Reilly said. ?We don?t agree on everything, but it?s very lively.?

O?Reilly is no newcomer to Beck?s radio show ? he made several appearances just last week. The program airs weekdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm Eastern Time. Beck invited him to join the program last Friday.

?I would like you to work for TheBlaze,? Beck said at that time on air. ?I could not get the cable coverage by myself because I?m not powerful enough, unless you have a giant corporation behind you. If we could unite our powers for good, as opposed to evil ? but that?s another conversation.?

O?Reilly was ousted from Fox News last month after six women accused him of sexual harassment ? allegations he has denied. His exit was a major blow to the network, since his show ?The O?Reilly Factor? was the top-rated cable news program since its inception more than 20 years ago.

O?Reilly has claimed he is a victim of people out to tarnish him. ?There is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O?Reilly and enrich themselves,? his lawyer Marc Kasowitz said in a statement last month.

It?s been a brutal few months for Fox News. Former chairman Roger Ailes stepped down last summer after accusations of widespread sexual harassment surfaced against him.

TheBlaze has experienced its share of drama, as well. Tomi Lahren, who hosted a show on TheBlaze TV, was ousted after she called anti-abortion conservatives ?hypocrites.? She filed suit against the network and Beck last month for wrongful termination.

O?Reilly and Beck were colleagues at Fox for a little more than two years until Beck, who also had his own show, left the network 2011.

Beck last month said he found the charges against O?Reilly ?hard to believe.?

?He had access to very beautiful women on our staff,? Beck said. ?We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor.?

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Sally Yates Says There Are ‘Serious Questions’ About Comey Firing

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said that asking an FBI director for his loyalty, as President Donald Trump reportedly did, is ?inappropriate? and that she had ?serious questions? about the timing of his subsequent firing of James Comey.

Yates, speaking to CNN?s Anderson Cooper in her first television interview following her own firing by Trump, said the ongoing blowout over Comey?s dismissal was a ?really troubling situation.?

?I think there are serious questions about both the timing and the motivation of the president?s actions,? Yates said in an interview that aired Tuesday. ?The explanations seem to change on almost an hourly basis right now. It seems to me that there?s only one truth and we ought to get to that.?

Throughout the 30-minute interview, Yates spoke about the months of turmoil faced by the Trump administration since she was was fired for refusing to defend the White House?s first attempt at a travel ban targeting residents of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Many of her responses echoed those made during her testimony to a Senate subcommittee this month, but she said recent news events, like last week?s New York Times report that said Trump asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to him at a private dinner, ran contrary to the mission at the Department of Justice, where she worked for 27 years.

?Our loyalty at the Department of Justice should be to the people of the United States and to the law and the Constitution, and no one and nothing else,? Yates said, noting she ?wouldn?t have done it? if Trump asked her for her own pledge to him.

?It?s inappropriate.?

Yates also recounted her attempt to warn the administration that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was likely ?compromised,? news that was reported by The Washington Post shortly after her dismissal.

?The Russians also knew that Gen. Flynn had misled the vice president and others,? Yates testified to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, noting a situation was created ?where the national security adviser could essentially be blackmailed.?

The White House has played down Yates? warnings, with Trump just last week telling NBC News? Lester Holt that the situation ?did not sound like an emergency.? White House press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly referred to Yates? initial meeting about Flynn with White House Counsel Don McGahn as simply ?a heads up.?

In Tuesday?s interview, Yates said that wasn?t the case.

?Mr. McGahn got it. He knew that it was serious and it was important … there was nothing casual about this,? Yates told Cooper. ?I know that we conveyed a sense of urgency.?

Yates said recent news could have a ?chilling effect? at the DOJ and alluded that her own ouster could stoke worry among career officials.

?They should be able to do their jobs without any fear at all,? she said.

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Sean Spicer Had A Hard Time Answering A Question About Lying

White House press secretary Sean Spicer had a hard time answering a pretty basic question during Tuesday?s daily press briefing.

?Do you think a public official has a right, at any time, to lie to the American public under any circumstance?? a reporter asked Spicer in a part of the session without video.

Spicer stammered, then finally delivered this halting answer:

?Um. The reason I?m going to have hedging on this is that I?m just thinking. Mentally, I?m going through every position in the United States government. In theory, if you were an operative of some sort. Uh, there are cases in which ? yeah, if it?s a public official, then no.?

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster opened the briefing by informing reporters that President Donald Trump will travel this week to the Middle East.

McMaster said in a statement on Monday that reports about Trump leaking classified information to the Russians was false. Trump himself, though, didn?t take issue with the accuracy of the reports Tuesday morning.

That set the stage for the lie question to Spicer.

We know Spicer has been under an incredible amount of duress, especially with fresh news that Kimberly Guilfoyle said she?s been talking with administration officials about the press secretary job. Perhaps, though, it?s best not to ?hedge? about whether lying is OK.

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